Who Will Lead Thrall's Rebel Bois?! Saurfang & The Assassins: Safe Haven Cinematic Analysis

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Taliesin & Evitel

Taliesin & Evitel

2 أشهر قبل

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth dropped a new cinematic for the upcoming patch 8.2, "Safe Haven" continues the story of Suarfang started in Old Soldier and Lost Honor, and sees our hero voyaging to Nagrand in Outland where he seeks out Thrall. But will Thrall lead the new rebellion against Sylvanas and the Horde? Will he find a shirt? Who sent the forsaken assassins and what does this mean for the Rise of Azshara? Is Sylvanas really a Garrosh 2.0? Join us for a Taliesin Talks as we deep-dive into the new cinematic instead of playing the WoW Classic beta and ask... Who Will rule the new horde?
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Rojigami 20 أيام قبل
I wonder what will happen to Undead players.
Lemmiatem 21 أيام قبل
Need that opening shot as a desktop backgound!
Nerok 24 أيام قبل
it litterly is the ingame weapond you show..... Everything lined upp, the shape, the furr, the bendy broken end. the spikes, them gems...dude..
Elena Yame
Elena Yame 25 أيام قبل
Damn, it just hit me, the part where Thrall and Saurfang meet in front of that house (10:23) really reminds one of those fighting games
Choforger 29 أيام قبل
Thrall's Return will most likely be Sylvanas's Doom
qwerty keyboard
qwerty keyboard أشهر قبل
WoW need Undead/Deathknight Thrall.
Jupuxafrud Benjamin
Jupuxafrud Benjamin أشهر قبل
Dude WHAT IS YOUR VOICE all I hear is profesionalism or Stanley parable narrator XD I love it and how you actually tuned me in on how actually deep this video is
pastrana21 أشهر قبل
When I first saw the cinematic I was hyped to see thrall back and i too also thought why would she send only two assassins and not even her elite rangers to go after someone as powerful as thrall....she would of known they would of failed and would have now given her a new enemy. Also If the other horde faction leaders were to find out that she actually tried to assassinate him, they would abandon their loyalties to her for thrall i believe...i mean he is the founder of the horde. I think someone a third unforeseen party is trying to set her up cus i don't think she would have ever risked thrall getting involved in her business.
Lord of Bagels
Lord of Bagels أشهر قبل
You know, when I saw 'Safe Haven', I thought to myself "I never thought I'd look forward to the return of Green Jesus, but here we are."
Richard Goins
Richard Goins أشهر قبل
I've hated the "evil" Horde since my first day playing WoW in Vanilla. But this Saurfang stuff is genuinely making me think of playing them. He really makes me think of honor, pride, and just wanting a place in the world instead of the "kill all life on the planet" Forsaken & their alchemists or the "rape all the resources and destroy the planet" Goblins. I would fight for Saurfang. I think my go-to Tauren shaman would fight for Saurfang. He is a real leader.
Munif A.
Munif A. أشهر قبل
Danny Vaughn III
Danny Vaughn III أشهر قبل
At least garrosh wasn’t a pussy against his enemies
Jayll1984 أشهر قبل
I just hate the idea of none Orcs leading the Horde really... Hellscreams boy..forgot his first name =/ I'd like a change really...Gorgonna? The backbone of the Horde are the orcs from the beginning and always be the backbone. That is why from my point of view an Orc should always be there to lead. I wanted Saurfang to take over from Thrall but Saurfang will never be warchief. Eitrigg served as advisor, seen a lot and is very sensible. Had a good relationship with Tirion (he's really gone right? =/ ) which could serve as some foundation to mend Horde and Alliance if Blizzvision wants that(honor/trustworthy). Gorgonna (am not a feminist but hold on) could be an interesting pick. A warrior with sense. Just how Saurfang is sensible. They aren't these blind rage bloodlust type of Orcs. Gorgonna was plotting kinda against her sister if i recall correctly (should replay Griz Hills. great zone!). That shows she has wit and can be sneaky as well. So maybe NOT the first name that will pop into people their head... but an interesting pick still. Though they'd need to give her a role in BFA. Think her location besides Grizzly Hills is unknown....that was 5 expansions ago, or 4. depending on how you count i guess. She is definately a usefull addition to the rebellion i'd say.
NitchGamer Sanico
NitchGamer Sanico أشهر قبل
Nomtagion أشهر قبل
The undead have a certain protection against the machinations of the old gods... I have a feeling that a lot of this, almost all of what Sylvanis is doing, has something to do with safeguarding Azeroth. Burn down a world tree to be a vindictive warmonger? or was it to prevent old god corruption from getting into it? Keep all the troops battle ready in order to conquer Azeroth? or have everyone in Azeroth ready to fight at the drop of a hat for when the servants of the old gods come knocking? Lure the Alliance into a battle in the ocean in order to destroy their fleets? Or bring everyone to the shores of Queen Azshara's stronghold? Be devious and meticulous and scheming? Well, yeah, but is it just to piss people off, or is it because if everyone knows her plan, luring the old god out into the open for an attack will become much harder? If N'zoth thinks Azeroth is eating itself alive, and pops his head up, but then BAM! You have the mightiest heroes of Azeroth ready and willing to murder something... Sending assassins after Thrall and his family? Or, coaxing him out of hiding in order to get him back on the battlefield? Everything she is doing is having what looks to be the opposite effect of a malevolent plan, and on the surface it appears she is being thwarted, but what if she is playing 4D chess with N'zoth, getting him to lower his guard?
DigitalPsyche أشهر قبل
Could a third party be setting up Sylvanas in order to fully fracture the Horde? I mean, what’s more of a “Sylvanas did it” telegraph than sending two undead rogues?
Ryan wiltse
Ryan wiltse أشهر قبل
"Sass Cannon" LOLOLOL
Mega Mech
Mega Mech أشهر قبل
The two rogues were sent to find and flush out thrall, The Banshee Queen wants to know who all the players are, where they are and what they intend so she can strategize accordingly.
Mega Mech
Mega Mech أشهر قبل
I love the unfolding story of BFA, and I love the cinematic trailers. I do not like at all the current state of the game however. It would be cool if Blizz would go into production of full length feature films, they have the talent, resources, lore, and fanbase for it to be a huge success!
Sigurd Jensen
Sigurd Jensen أشهر قبل
Sylvanas probably planned everything, for some reason or other. (Avatar of Elune for burning Darnassus - Bring Thrall back with bad assassins - Teaching Anduin that he has to be harsher.) realistically though, it has resulted in a lot of casualties and seemingly unnecessary animosity. This animosity seems very deliberate, when you look back at the promotional material for BFA. My call is that she used the timestone and out of 14 billion possibilities, there's only one in which they win. Whatever my analogy for the timestone turns out to be, it's gonna be exciting to see what is up, because it can' JUST be mindless evil, there has to be another purpose.. Right?
Ralph L
Ralph L أشهر قبل
There was a "V" carved on the red rogue's cheek. What are the chances it stands for Vereesa Windrunner, minion of the Void?
Monkeyegg أشهر قبل
Lorthemar comes with Thelyssra as well right. So it’s Saurfang, Thrall, Zekhan, Baine, Lorthemar and Thelyssra.
Matthew Brune
Matthew Brune أشهر قبل
My vote’s for Green Jesus
picketpacket أشهر قبل
The void lords are coming.
Michael Ciotta
Michael Ciotta أشهر قبل
I think people have been underestimating Sylvanas a lot lol. She never does anything without reason. She never cared about the Horde, from the very start, and now... She's winning. Both the Horde and Alliance are falling apart. Every day, more and more undead join her ranks. And unlike Garrosh, who was basically just a generic Orc Supremacist, hell-bent on enslaving the world, Sylvanas seems to have a much more... Hopefully interesting plan lol. Because becoming Arthas 2.0 would be kinda lame at this point lmao.
karim nawar
karim nawar أشهر قبل
i think the 2 rogues sent by someone els or it is part of slyvaness plan to provoke thrall
Gnome Warlock
Gnome Warlock أشهر قبل
Whose side am I on? "Don't interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake."
xsailorXplutox أشهر قبل
one thing that bothers me, how did he get a whiff of the rogues to follow them all that way? youd think a secret plan to kill thrall would be better guarded, even if it was just to go spy youd want that info hush hush.
rockpickable أشهر قبل
What is up with the "v" below the grey rogue's eye? what's the meaning of that?
EdgedShadow أشهر قبل
I find it weird a broken neck would kill an undead.
Lord Telperion
Lord Telperion أشهر قبل
And not just the human eyebrows, look at that human nose (tiny by orc standards).
Lord Telperion
Lord Telperion أشهر قبل
FYI, that's not growing baby wheat, that's 100% mature harvest-me-right-now wheat. A beautiful thing of peace and plenty...most assuredly a Human crop...brought back to Orclands.
Lord Telperion
Lord Telperion أشهر قبل
Excellent observation of the music! Two notes (a light-leitmotif) used cleverly, and the three back to back along with Nagrand kinda moving...
Foggy Dingleberry
Foggy Dingleberry أشهر قبل
Subscribed. Excellent breakdown of the cinematic. I really enjoyed it, many thanks.
Btsnotinfiresteam أشهر قبل
I wanna see Lor’themar Theron in at least one realistic cinematic, hell wouldn’t mind Haulduron and Rommath too 😁
Cha Jei
Cha Jei أشهر قبل
Lorthemar pls he looks badass
imthatguywhoknowshim أشهر قبل
the only thing I can guess that makes sylvanas not garrosh, is shes not actively turning on her faction. Her faction is turning on her. She is just reacting very harshly to it. I think while she is looking for a way to make new undead and extend their life, she isn't trying to abandon the horde, only strengthen it. Her methods just aren't liked by the horde but no one wants to step to her. And as for her new weapon choice and her motives for BfA outside of the horde faction split. It could be her means of saving the world/horde Arthas style. Get a super powered weapon even more powerful and use it to squash her enemies. Its just shes willing to kill her own troops to get her way, exploiting the honor of dying in battle for your people to get to her end game of winning the war. And the people she thinks are gullible enough to fall for it aren't because they've seen enough people use that against them and have learned not to let other people use their honor.
Nicholas Petrovitch
Nicholas Petrovitch أشهر قبل
Just wanted to say that these in depth analyses are fantastic.
Richard Gonçalves
Richard Gonçalves أشهر قبل
What side are you on the future Horde thing? Easy: I left the Horde and the game. Azeroth, Outland, Draenor... doesn't feel like home anaymore...
Dr Thuganomics
Dr Thuganomics أشهر قبل
see she's not garosh , and unlike daenerys she didn't had a quick heel turn . Sylvanas seeds where planted since WOTLK but people ignored, in fact all her character has being going that way since the begining . she was the liberator the one tht brake free from Lich king's garsp and freed the forsaken to have their revange and kill Arthas, but since cata she wants more, more banshee, more power, and we all know that undeads are cold that's why they do cannibalism .they don't play by the same rules , so to ther a war where she kills half her army to win it's whatever . but to orcs poison n shit it's disonrable. thefact is that we've been ignoring that cause all expasions there's always a big fish to fry so we ignore what she did in WOTLK or what she did in gilneas against the warchief orders . this moment THIS now that she's warchief NOW SHE'S THE BIG FISH TO FRY! we can't ignore that
8-Bit Raptor
8-Bit Raptor أشهر قبل
U and asmon should have a pause race
8-Bit Raptor
8-Bit Raptor أشهر قبل
W3 Reforged Remastered Cinematics Illidanvarthas in ingame version Rest high budget o^o
Kristi Senko
Kristi Senko أشهر قبل
Nagrand is one of my most favorite zones and is probably where I would choose to put player hosting if they ever implemented it (they won't)
Amanda أشهر قبل
The minute I saw the big white rock, I knew it was Nagrand, I made my home there in BC, I was so disappointed with WoD's Nagrand. Anyways... #Notmywarchief #Saurfangforwarchief. And I hate to say it cause I really wanna ditch Sylvanas, I don't think she will die, I think she will either become the jailor of N'zoth or... become imprisoned with N'zoth. By the end of the expansion she will no longer be warchief, but she wont be dead either... oh... and Calia will be new horde undead leader. FOR THE ALLIANCE... FOR THE SAURFANG HORDE!
Pablo Segura
Pablo Segura أشهر قبل
I´m crying.
Mizzo Games
Mizzo Games أشهر قبل
Best video analysis that I saw during my entire life. You nailed it, man!
Nunya أشهر قبل
My Queen is the true War Chief!
Nunya أشهر قبل
"Bois"??? Whats that?
Apple Shaider
Apple Shaider أشهر قبل
Gladiator... thought it’s only me. You said it atlast.
Paul Evans
Paul Evans أشهر قبل
I will share this here simply because some friends and I have been talking about this since this cinematic dropped. I don't think Sylvanas cares whether she is Warchief or not. I personally believe her "end game" is very different. She differs from Garrosh in that she doesn't want the Horde to succeed, merely her own aims. I feel like everything she is doing including this weak yet effective attack on Thrall is a calculated front to keep the rebellion's eyes fixed on her and not what she is doing. In my personal opinion, she has alienated herself from almost all of the horde, and of course forced them to reluctantly align with the Alliance, and that is all fine with her because her goal has nothing to do with either. I won't go greatly into what I think she is after, only to say that I feel like her aims aren't faction based or position as we see it currently. I think it's all a façade for a much much larger picture. On a side note, I feel like the best end game would be to let Sylvanas win. Don't shout me down, but the next epic cinematic has her walking along up the steps to Stormwind Citadel and claiming the throne as her own while the city is engulfed in flames and screams. You see an unknown fleet at the harbor blighting the outskirts, keeping forces at bay, and forsaken on the walls. A close up of her eyes bending into what we will see is a pan out of her face unfolds is a smirk, and her thoughts revealed in her eyes show the frozen throne as the next target. Won't happen, but would make for good story. Thanks for the vid, always entertaining even though I stopped playing the game a while back.
Kemsari أشهر قبل
An awesome analysis again
Ryan Mcleish
Ryan Mcleish أشهر قبل
Horde rebellion!!!!!! :)
Vr6Zecke أشهر قبل
Maybe Sylvana send the newbe rogues on purpose with the order to kill...maybe she was forced to.. or it is her way to cry for thralls help , knowing that the rogues will fail ..because she can no longer handle herself ..
Carl Carlson
Carl Carlson أشهر قبل
I hope the traitors Thrall and Saurfang gets killed as risen as undead by sylvanas
Kyle Venglar
Kyle Venglar أشهر قبل
She never wanted to be warchief, she’s doing it on purpose to build a strong horde so she can do her own thing. I think the assassins were there to keep eyes on them, possibly lead saurfang to thrall or to make sure their meeting went well and if it didn’t, have them intervene to make sure they had a common enemy
mgamer327 أشهر قبل
i want the rogue transmogs
Elkattio Gaming
Elkattio Gaming أشهر قبل
What is Sylvanus needs Thrall back in order to see her plans to fruition?
matthew hurley
matthew hurley أشهر قبل
transcription of Saurfang's' speech; "this world, It looks good... but it's, wrong. Broken, falling apart. Just like the Horde. "
Shari K.
Shari K. أشهر قبل
I say Nathanos send these Rogue's - not only does Nathanos not care for the 'Champions', he hates them, or us in that case. Nathanos doesn't serve the Horde - something he makes very clear throughout any dialogue with him - he serves the Lich Que.. i mean Sylvanas. He wants to be 'loved' by Sylvanas back when they were alive. He wants to destroy anything that could harm his 'love' - in the end he still protects his 'Ranger General'.
Ohshii أشهر قبل
when you called Thrall "Green Jesus" I clicked the subscribe button. You're the goat. PS Thrall's face looks like John Goodman.
Adrian Petrisor
Adrian Petrisor أشهر قبل
Very nice 👍
Tobias Rye
Tobias Rye أشهر قبل
I think they were sent there to see if saurfang, tried to get in contact with trall... they then went above there pay grade and tried to take out saurfang but hey, no bodies perfect. either that or it was a trick to get thrall to join the "rebellion" so she can kill all her enemies at once, sylvanas is an incredible tactision by any standards, and she is certainly willing to sacrifice a couple of rogues to do it. #teamSylvanasforever PS if she does go all Emperor Palpatine and lose the plot, going from mastermind manipulator to raving incompetent psycho in one fell swoop... I'm just going to forget wow, and focus on FFXIV, just saying.
manoj joshi
manoj joshi أشهر قبل
I would love it if I could rewatch them in game anytime I wanted
manoj joshi
manoj joshi أشهر قبل
21:30 lol did u read the short story released B4 burning of teldrassil....nathanos fought Saurfang -_-
manoj joshi
manoj joshi أشهر قبل
Now just waiting for REXXAR to pop up here
manoj joshi
manoj joshi أشهر قبل
4:50 wat did u expect? Saurfang had to consciously restrain himself from accidentally sundering nagrand
manoj joshi
manoj joshi أشهر قبل
One of the scores that play in Eldor in shadowmoon valley in alt draenor was copied in GOT Season 7-8.... The sad one that plays in Winterfell
Lily أشهر قبل
manoj joshi i was thinking the same!
manoj joshi
manoj joshi أشهر قبل
Thrall Bois vs the ghoul bois
kaijago أشهر قبل
This is Broxigar's axe, taken by thrall from kalecgos
Lily Orchard
Lily Orchard أشهر قبل
Sylvanas sending assassins out to kill Thrall just confirms my suspicions that Blizzard is trying to brute-force the story about a massive chunk of Horde players rejected their "Sylvanas Bad" storyline, not realizing that the way they keep trying to force the story to go in this direction is the reason people stubbornly remain loyal.
Chris Seger
Chris Seger أشهر قبل
I can appreciate the depth of your analysis, but throwing "Third Faction" in the title, and then not touching on the idea at all, is complete clickbait.
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